July 27, 2024
Children's race

Free children's race from 0-12 years


Sparebank 1 Søreast-Norge, Byen Vår Drammen, JG Maskin Utleie and Drammen half marathon welcome you to a real party day in the city park! Completely free!

Give your child a unique experience by participating in our children's run. With laughter, joy and pride, they will cross the finish line and create memories for life.

Feeling of mastery

Participating in a race not only promotes physical activity, but also important values such as cooperation, goal-setting and perseverance. Give your child the chance to shine, experience a sense of mastery and build self-confidence. Register now for a day filled with fun and mastery - we cheer for a healthy and active lifestyle!

Prizes for EVERYONE

There are prizes for all participants in the children's run! We see enormous joy on the children's faces when they receive their medal. This helps to create an inclusive environment where the children feel valued regardless of their achievements.
It's a great way to focus on the effort and courage it takes to participate, rather than just the results. At the same time, this can help maintain the positive experience of sport and motivate the children to continue being active.

The registration

The event is free, but in order to calculate the number of medals and staffing, we would like you to register your child(ren).

Prizes for EVERYONE


We are proud of our collaboration with Sparebank 1 Sørøst-Norge, the main sponsor of the Barnelopsfestivalen. Thanks to the bank's support, this event is completely free for everyone, created with the aim of attracting families enjoying their summer holidays at home in our city.

Our vision is to eliminate the threshold for participation by offering a free event that promotes physical activity and creates positive experiences in the heart of Drammen. We thank Sparebank 1 Sørøst-Norge for their commitment to supporting healthy lifestyles and creating memorable moments!

Byen Vår Drammen is a co-organizer and facilitator so that we can produce such an event in the middle of the city. Byen Vår Drammen AS is a site and urban life development company that works to revitalize the center of Drammen by developing and producing services for business and the municipality that increase Drammen's attractiveness as a center for commercial and cultural offers.

The company works for the good of Drammen in general and the center of Drammen in particular. -so in many ways we work too much of the same.

Together with JG Maskin Utleie, we established the Children's Run Festival in 2023. JG Maskin Utleie is of course on the team and provides an excavator that everyone can try out. It is fun for both adults and children to drive trenches. The support we as organizers receive from JG throughout the year is worth its weight in gold!

Location: City park Drammen.
Start and measure 100 meters from the large fountain.
The trail length is approximately 400 metres.
Start number distribution at the start/finish in a large tent with a sign that says START NUMBER DISTRIBUTION.

The child gets a prize when they reach the finish line.

Feeling of mastery

July 27, 2024
Children's race

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